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RoboRoyaleROBOtic Replicants for Optimizing the Yield by Augmenting Living Ecosystems

Funded by the European Union H2020-FETOPEN, 2021-2026

Coordinated by Durham University, UK (€3.2M)

Swarm & Computational Intelligence Lab


  1. University of Graz, Austria

  2. Czech Technical University, Czechia

  3. Middle East Technical University, Turkey


The project aims to create a micro-robotic system that will support the well-being of the queen honeybee to improve its reproductivity leading to healthier bee colonies. Such an improvement in the health of honeybees, a keystone species that play a key role in pollination, is likely to contribute positively to the Earth’s ecosystem stability.

RobocoenosisROBOts in cooperation with a bioCOENOSIS

Funded by the European Union H2020-FETOPEN, 2020-2025

Coordinated by the University of Graz, Austria (€3M)

Artificial Life Lab of the Institute of Biology


  1. Durham University, UK

  2. Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy

  3. Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

  4. The University of Manchester, UK

The Project Robocoenosis seeks to introduce a novel paradigm of “life form in the loop” which will allow the development of new types of complex bio-hybrid entities, putting together different living organisms and technological elements using a symbiotic/mutualistic method.

Combining Engineering and Ecology to Transform Insect Surveillance Capabilities

Manchester-Melbourne Research Fund (£5k + AU$10k) 2021-2022


  1. The University of Manchester, UK

  2. University of Melbourne, Australia

Here we aim to apply microsensor technology to develop a monitoring and tracking system to solve ongoing and emerging issues concerning insect dispersal, ecology and population control. This project will focus on a proof-of-concept approach by labelling Australian meat ants to track movement, dispersal and social interactions.

Development of a Semi-automated controller for MSM system

KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)

Funded by the Innovate UK (Forth Engineering Ltd(£340k)

2021-2023 (closed)

Development of a Debris Clearance Vehicle for Limited Access Environments

Funded by the EPSRC and Industry Partner (Forth Engineering Ltd(£200k)


Autonomous Control of Cleaning Robots

Funded by the EPSRC and Industry Partner (TPLC Ltd(£199k)


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